April, Eric and children's New Home (OCHFH home #28)

Woodberry Forest School2013-2014 Partnership Build

Something new & exciting is happed for Orange Co. Habitat for Humanity in 1913. We had always believed in partnerships and actively pursued partners for many parts of our house building and family mentoring. This home build, however, was built with a formal partnership with Woodberry Forest School. Woodberry Forest School provided a great deal of leadership in this venture, as well as a substantial amount of the funding for materials. We worked with 5 student leaders, and Henry Heil, to make the partnership come together. And we’re especially happy to have had the assistance of Orange County contractor Joe Wayner who is coordinated the local effort. Click here to see a list of the other major contributors

A painting of the new home by artist Janice Harvey

A painting of Verling's new home
by artist Janice Harvey

Verling Home Dedicated

July 13, 2014 - The home's construction began when its panelized walls were constructed on the Woodberry Forest campus during a November, 2013, blitz-build day. Now those boy-built walls stand on a donated lot in Unionville, Virginia, as part of a home where the family's children can enjoy the simple pleasures of climbing trees, riding bicycles, and playing on a swing set. The Verling family, who have themselves put in over 700 hours of labor on the home, moved in two months ago. 

At the home dedication, Orange County Habitat for Humanity president Cindy Reid mentioned the generosity of the Woodberry family and other contributors. “When each of us does our part,” she said, gesturing toward the completed home and the assembled family members, volunteers, and friends, “this is the result.” 

Bible presentation
Rev. Denise Hall and Carol Couch presenting a family Bible to April Verling at the dedication.
Proctor and Gamble gift box
Orange County Habitat for Humanity President Cindy Reid presenting April Verling with gift box from
Proctor and Gamble for her new home.
View of house from the garden
Living room
Living Room
Boy's room
Boys room
Verling family on front porch
Verling family on front porch

Paul Breeden and son hooking up water to the house.
Paul Breeden and son hooking up water to the house. Paul has been a dedicated volunteer spending several Saturdays and some evenings plumbing the house.

Lloyd cuts last piece of trim.
Paul finishing bathroom plumbing.


The well is in, water piped to house and dirt piles leveled ready for lawn.

Lloyd cuts last piece of trim.
Lloyd cutting last piece of window trim. Note the trimmed doors ready for final coat of paint.

Lee installing closet shelves.
Lee installed all closet shelves that need final coat of paint.

Lloyd triming window
Lloyd trimming bedroom window.


Insulating walls
Spraying fiber insulation on walls.

Insulating walls
Trimming fiber insulation in walls.

Hanging drywall
Crew hanging drywall.

Taping Drywall

Chuck Lovell finishing drywall.

Taping drywall

Dannial Weatheholtz taping drywall.

Full electric panel installed by Isaac

Full electric panel installed by Isaac Conley - Much thanks for his voluntary work wiring the house.

Woodberry Football Concession StandThanks again to the Woodberry students who donated all the profits from their football concession stand to help build homes for worthy families in Orange County.

Lumber for a Large Shed!

Thanks to the Walmart Distribution Center in Zion Crossroads for donating a load of used lumber that will allow building a good large utility shed. Special thanks to David Gwinn, Wal-Mart’s Maintenance Area Manager for organizing the donation and to Jerry Mullins for hauling the lumber with his large truck and trailer. The next day Jim Reid and Woodberry students Jose Hernandez, Daniel Japhet and Taylor Brower worked two hours in sub-freezing temperatures to off-load, stack and cover the lumber. There will be plenty of good lumber to build a nice storage shed.

Loading lumber at Walmart Distribution Center Unloading lumber at new home.
Woodberry students unloading lumber. Lumber statched and waiting for warm weather to build the shed.

Busy volunteer workers on Dec. 7, 2013

December 7, 2013, BlitzBuild
What an amazing day! Thanks to volunteers from the Habitat Road Trip Crazies, Woodberry Forest School, Orange High School ROTC, RRCSB staff, & numerous other good hearts, by the end of Dec. 7, there was a house...walls up, siding on, roof on & shingled, tubs in. Wow!
A special thanks to Roof Top Services LLC and all their volunteer workers from Charlottesville for putting on the roof using GAF donated materials.

Check out the other pictures and videos of the BlitzBuild.

Building at WoodberryThe walls (panelized) were built in the parking lot of the gym.  The students, along with knowledgeable adults from the Habitat Road Trip Crazies spent Sunday, Nov. 3rd with hammers in hand.. Check out David Seo's time-lapse video of the build in the Woodberry parking lot at https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10202424493918822.

(Charlottesville NewsPlex and at Charlottesville NBC 29 also have videos of the day.) The panelized walls were moved to our prepared foundation & house site near Unionville.

Finishing subfloorFinishing the Sub-Floor!

Thanks to Michael R. Yates for volunteering to dig the footers with his backhoe when we started.

It’s a different kind of project for OCHFH, and an exciting one! We’re happy to help a group of young people get fired up over the Habitat mission! As Tom Gerdy, one of the Road Crazies, said, “let you heart tell your hands what to do.” Tom told the Woodberry students that the road to happiness is not in getting more stuff, but is in giving yourself, your talents, your gifts, to others.