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Orange County, VA, Habitat for Humanity VA believes that everyone needs a decent, affordable place to live.  All are welcome to help meet that goal, regardless of race, religion, age, gender, political views or any other distinctions that too often may divide people.

Age Requirements

Anyone over 18 can work on a Habitat construction site.

Ages 16-18 can volunteer, with some restrictions.

Ages 14-16 are permitted on the site only when no construction work is taking place.  This might include spreading mulch, planting shrubs or trees, spreading gravel.

Sorry, but children under age 14 are unable to volunteer on a Habitat construction site.

Ways to Volunteer

Build houses.  Habitat will provide all safety equipment, tools, and materials.  Wear closed toe shoes, and perhaps bring your favorite work gloves.

Prepare or purchase food for the construction volunteers.

Like an iceberg, much of the work done by Habitat volunteers is “out of sight”.  Help us by working on one of several committees, like Family Support or Family Selection.

  • To mow grass on building lots Habitat owns, but have not built on yet
  • Landscaping & planting at Habitat homes
  • Help teach homeownership skills to new home buyers (we have the curriculum)
  • Make a video or other audiovisual show to share Habitat information with interested civic or church groups
  • Talk to those interested civic or church groups and share Habitat information
  • Help with data entry
  • Answer the phone; pick up the mail.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Orange County Habitat for Humanity (OCHFH)!

Habitat welcomes volunteers and supporters from all backgrounds.  It serves families in need of decent housing, regardless of race or religion.

Habitat does not proselytize.  Habitat is a Christian organization and we serve families of all faiths or no faith.

The WORTH of a

Much effort goes into trying to determine the monetary value of a volunteer hour.  Currently it runs about $20.85.  But can a volunteer hour be reduced to a monetary value?  As someone famous once said, “Not everything that counts can be counted.” 

How do you count the selfless giving of someone who gives up their day off from work to work for someone else?  Our country has a grand history of helping others, of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.  We have seen it time and time again, and we still see it today.  Ordinary people working to help others, working to improve their communities. 

When I think about Habitat for Humanity, I certainly think of all the wonderful volunteers that have made this housing ministry a mission in their lives.  At Orange County Habitat for Humanity, we are all volunteers.  There are volunteers who search for affordable land, volunteers who do the selection of qualified families, who mentor, who work with families on their sweat equity.  There are volunteers who spend countless hours doing fundraising, and putting articles in the paper or producing a newsletter.  

Handing over the house key…Fields


There are also volunteers who wield hammers and help us with the physical work of building a house.  Many times we need willing volunteers, not necessarily skilled workers.  Sometimes we need very skilled workers, like masons, plumbers, electricians, roofers, heating people.  There are times we need many bodies and times we need very few bodies. 

And sometimes that can be frustrating for someone who wants to volunteer…it’s all part of the house building process.  When the skilled workers are doing their jobs, there is very little for us regular folk to do.  Don’t be discouraged!   

Contact us and tell us you want to volunteer.  It’s not a promise that you’ll come out every time we call you.  But it is our promise to let you know when there is a volunteer house building job that needs you. 

Join Us

When you volunteer with the OCHFH you are actively building your community.  But you don't have to wield a hammer or climb a ladder to be a vital part of our organization.

Please fill out the form below and we will contact you with information about how to become a part of the OCHFH team.

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Even if you're not ready to volunteer right now, we would like to keep you up-to-date with information about builds, events, and fundraisers at the OCHFH.
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