Thank you for reaching out to us! Orange County Habitat for Humanity has completed the Application Process for our next home to begin construction later this year. Therefore, we are not accepting applications at this time for future homes.

While you are waiting for an open application period, OCHFH offers resources for you to be better prepared for home ownership. We are developing an online “Homebuyer Education Club.” This will provide community resources and homebuyer education opportunities. It is our hope that this will better prepare you to qualify as a homebuyer.

If you would like to participate in this online community, please fill out the adjacent form. Our Family Support committee will then contact you. Participation in the Online Homebuyer Education community will also assure that you are notified of our next Applicant Information session.

Qualification Criteria

Families will be considered for a Habitat for Humanity house if their present housing is not adequate (i.e. proven cost-burden, unsafe or unhealthy, too crowded, etc.), and if they are unable to obtain adequate housing through conventional means.

Lack of adequate housing may include problems with the present structure, such as inadequate water, electrical or sewage service systems, heating system, or failure to meet city property maintenance standards. The number, ages and gender of the children compared to the number of bedrooms in your present home are taken into consideration.

We also consider the percentage of the family’s monthly income that is currently spent on housing. Families are required to be open and transparent, and must completely disclose their financial situation with the Family Services Manager.

Applicants must currently live in Orange County, Virginia and have done so for a minimum of one year. Applications from outside of Orange County  are accepted at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Your application will be considered if your family’s total income is no less than 30% of the Orange County area median income (as determined by HUD). The maximum may not exceed 60% of the median income.

If selected, your family will work toward becoming a partner family with Orange County Virginia Habitat for Humanity (OCHFH). To become a partner family, you must complete 150 hours of “sweat equity” per able adult,  working on your house and the houses of others. These hours must be completed before you can become a homeowner.

Sweat equity might include clearing the lot, painting, helping with construction, or working at the OCHFH office. As a partner family, you must complete half of the hours yourself. Members of the community, friends, and family may assist you in completing the remaining half. As a sign of good faith and in keeping with Habitat for Humanity’s mission of bringing all of God’s people together in partnership to build decent housing, at least 35 to 50 hours are to be spent working on the house of another family.

The prospective homeowner (PHO) will sign a letter of intent and relationship agreement with OCHFH.

The PHO will attend no less than eight (8) homeowner classes (up to 12 classes), some with multiple sessions, from the time of acceptance until the closing of the home.


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