Building Together 2004
Habitat Blitz-Build & Impact Virginia

‘Building Together’ was sponsored by the Council of Ministers of Orange County and Rapidan Habitat June 24 through July 18, 2004. Dr. Stanley Johnson, Pastor of Orange Baptist Church coordinated the countywide program. The support of the churches and businesses of Orange County and commited voluntees resulted in a most successfull program.

Habitat’s Blitz-Build.

Rapidan Habitat supported the two week Blitz-Build of the WoodsWork, a Presbyterian Mission from Woods Memorial Presbyterian Church in Severna Park Maryland. Nearly 250 youth and adults for the church participated and build three houses during their two week visit. (see below)

Impact Virginia--
A Baptist Home Repair Mission

July 11-July 17

The Impact Virginia crews, Phase Two of the Building Together program, replaced doors, windows and roofs, built several handicapped ramps, stairs and hand rails, put up siding and painted on 20 homes for low income families and seniors. Imapct Virginia is a project sponsored by the Baptist Mission Board of Virginia.

Their 375 volunteers from churches all over Virginia were housed in the Orange County High School where breakfast and dinner were served in the cafeteria. Local Churches will provided lunchs at the work sites.

Blitz Build Mission Accomplished!

They came in a caravan of vans! About a dozen vans and a U-hall truck for equipment and tools. They arrived 160 people strong, well organized and ready to work.

The WoodsWork part of the two week Mission from Woods Memorial Presbyterian Church in Severna Park Maryland brought 124 high school aged youth and about 38 adults leaders put in many hard hours.

Work started at 7:30 AM on June 25 on all three houses. The first day was “heavy duty” work. The sill plates were installed then the floor joist (heavy stuff) were put in place. Next came the 4' X 8' X 3/4" sub-flooring. While this was going on another of the group was building the framework for the walls. The second day saw the workers finishing the walls, (Nailing the ply wood and Blue Board to the frame of 2" X 4" s) and raising the walls into place. The roof trusses were moved into the house before the last wall was raised into place. And so it continued for a week until all three houses had all their interior walls most of their roofs, siding, electrical wiring.

The day after the high school, WoodWorks Mission, had their dedication service beside one of the new homes, the DriftWood gang of College youth rolled in for a long 4th of July weekend. Made up of about 80 College students, they got right to work continuing the work and hanging the drywall! Click here for more pictures!

Orange County volunteers to provided lunches for the over 160 people of WoodsWork Mission for a week followed by about 80 in DriftWood Mission the next week .... more.

NOW (July - August, 2004) -- The four families selected by Rapidan Habitat desperately need decent, affordable housing. But, none of the houses is complete. There’s still plenty of work to do. ‘Handy’ volunteers are needed – either individually or in groups. People are need who can help: (1) shingle a roof, (2) install vinyl siding, (3) build a deck, etc. If you want to ‘walk on the water’ and be a part of Christ’s love in action, please dust off your tools and call either Jim Smiley (972-9128) or Bill Nowers (972-3966).

At their closing dedication service the WoodWorks youth chairperson presented a $15,000 check to John Henry, President of Rapidan Habitat for Humanity, to help with material costs for the three houses. The youth group held a giant car wash before they left washing 605 cars to raise the money.

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